Regarding the source code used in Violet

Hi there! I just wanted to make a statment regarding the decision to base the code of Violet off of PF2M’s Indigo, and my fork, shell.

If you are a part of the club, do not worry about this. This is something that a few years ago, and you were not a part of it. This is for the people who are concerned that I am trying to bring back something that should remain in the fiery depths of Hell where it came from.

Now, I’ll just get to the topic on hand.

Are you or are you not trying to bring back Miiverse clones?


Those things should rot in their special parking spot in Hell for the rest of time.

They were novel for a time, but a lot of bad things happended.

Then why are you using Indigo’s code?

I needed a quick start to Violet. I have had a lot of experience dealing with Indigo’s code, and quite honestly, it is very well made. That goes for the user interface too.

I also have another reason for doing this.

Everything that happened never fully went away. This is my way of trying to come to peace with what happened. Try to take something that cause so much pain, and use it for something good.

I still won’t use the website.

Then don’t. I’m not forcing you to.

Thank you for reading,

Robert Wilcox <>